Monday, October 10, 2016


     When a person opts for cremation, often little or no thought is given to what will be done with the ashes.  This can lead to some confusion and, occasionally, to an unpleasant situation.
     In most cases, the ashes are returned in an urn and the urn is then placed in a columbarium or buried at a cemetery.  In other instances the relatives may keep the ashes at home in a special ceremic or bronze container, scatter them at sea, or over the mountains ect.
     Occasionally the ashes maybe returned in a shockingly simple receptacle, sometimes as shockingly simple as a tin can.  This, obviously, can be dismaying.  Also, some bone fragments and other residue may remain which can make a hollow rattling inside the container.  That can be a nasty surprise.  Then again, those who are unprepared may be surprised by the quantity of the ashes.  A thoughtful funeral director will discuss with the family in advance what to expect when receiving the ashes.  No surprises are needed at this time.

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