Friday, October 9, 2015


     You've paid your last respects to the deceased and offered your sympathy to the survivors.  In short, you have done what friendship and tradition dictate.  But is that enough?
     It is important to remember that the grief and loneliness of the widow, widower or the family will go on after the period of the visitation and funeral.  Suddenly, a home becomes more lonely and desolate.  This is also a good time foor you to show extra care and concern.  This can be done with a personal visit and perhaps an invitation to a social event.
     People who have had a death in the family usually need other people to help them return to the mainstream of life.  Relatives and close friends can be of inestimable help during the first few weeks and months following the funeral.  Even if the survivors are not ready to mix and mingle when you first call, don't take it personally and don't give up.  Keep in touch.  They will know when they aree ready to resume life.

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