Tuesday, August 23, 2016


     Do not underestimate the value of your visit to the bereaved.  It means more to the mourners than they can possibly express.  With death come grief.  The family grieves for its lost one and for themselves.  The sorrow of separation is evident.  You lighten the sorrow by sharing in it.  Your visit will help them get started on the road back.
     The emotional well-being of survivors depends on the acknowledgement of the death, not the denial of it.  That is why the funeral and visitation are so important.  Painful as they may be, they confirm the fact that the death has occurred.
     Going to the visitation and/or the funeral can also be good in many ways for the person doing it.  Facing the fact of death when it happens to others can be important in shaping the values in one's own life.  It helps prepare for a future death in the family.  It shows how to accept this same kind of community support when death occurs.

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