Friday, March 25, 2016


    There are many different reasons for prearranging a funeral.  Some persons, especially those who are alone in the world, may want the assurance of a funeral and burial which meet their personal beliefs, standards, or lifestyle.  Others feel a responsibility to assist survivors by arranging approximate funeral and burial cost guidelines.  Others may have moved to distant places or maintain both summer and winter residences.  They may want to make sure that certain recommendations are heeded as to where the funeral and burial or other final dispositions will take place.
     There are as many explanations for prearranging funerals as there are people requesting them.  A few key considerations in preplanning may assist most people:  Take into account the possible effect on survivors.  If you are unsure, share your plans with them in advance.  Approach realistically the logic and economics of planning now for what might not take place for many years.

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