Monday, February 29, 2016


     There are two good rules for making funeral arrangements.
     Rule One:   Know what you are getting.  There are so many details involved in a funeral that you may be unclear about everything you have discussed with the funeral director.  An itemized list should  be provided of everything included in the funeral - along with prices.  That way you can be sure of what you will be getting, make changes if necessary, and know how much it will all cost.
     Rule Two:  Get what you want.  You probably have a good idea of what kind of funeral or memorial you want before you even discuss these matters with a funeral director.  He or she may have some valuable and practical suggestions and you should certainly be open to these  However, you do not want to be influenced into making decisions you will regret later.  If you want a simple, but elegant funeral or if cost is a consideration, do not contract for a funeral which is elaborate and expensive.  Your funeral director will discuss all the options available to you.

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