Tuesday, February 16, 2016


     Assuming that arrangements have NOT been made beforehand, the first task facing survivors is finding survivors is finding a good funeral home.  Often feeling rushed and bewildered, inadequate and bereft, relatives of the deceased may take the path of least resistance and choose the services of a funeral director at random, picking out a firm with the largest ad or hiring a firm which is in closest proximity.
     More care of choice should be taken, even if the bereaved is in no mood for dealing with such difficult details.  A choice made in haste may well be regretted at leisure.
     The best of all methods for choosing a funeral director is work-of-mouth recommendation from those whose advice you trust.  Talk to people who have recently had a death in the family.  Were they satisfied with the service they received from the funeral home?  Whom do they recommend?  A funeral director can be a genuine help in time of crisis.  It is worth spending the effort to do a little research.


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