Wednesday, February 3, 2016


     Sometimes when family members take care of a dying person day in and day out, they experience a kind of burnout.  This is something that the dying person's family must watch for carefully.  Relatives and friends can work with a dying person for only so long before reaching the limits of their endurance.  Just as the body becomes fatiqued, so the spirit can be overexposed to the strain, worry, and anguish that nursing care demands.
     In order to minimize the chances of this happening, people doing the care giving must learn to pace themselves and to gauge their limits.  If, after long periods of taking care of a sick person, they observe a tendency toward increasing irritation, or chronic fatigue, or depression, it means that a pause is in order - a day off, a quick vacation to clear the head, a change of scenery.  It doesn't mean you care less, only that you want to care for the person in the best way possible.

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