Wednesday, May 6, 2015


     Unless you take certain commonsense measures now, the arrangements for your funeral and burial may turn into a source of conflict and misery among your loved ones.  It is not enough to confide your wishes to your spouse or perhaps a close friend..  Other relatives may take exception to certain arrangements and try to override such wishes and even take over responsibility altogether - particularly if you have entrusted this to a friend.
     Your best course is to tell all involved parties what you have decided so there is no question about it later.  You may even wish to name the responsible party in a will, or better yet; a written instrument, called
"An Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains".  The agent appointed in this document overrides the legal chain of authority.  You should also prepare a "Letter of Instruction," along with specific wishes.  Unless you do this, thee is a good chance that such responsibility will be turned over to your closest living relative, regardless of your relationship to the person, and arrangements made alien to your wishes.

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