Tuesday, April 21, 2015


     Often one works for a lifetime, makes countless sacrifices, and does a great deal of plannng in order to provide financial security for one's heirs.  On the other hand, often too little time and thught is spent on other considerations involving one's survivors.
     What should be done in the event of one's death is of primary importance.  It is a difficult enough time for the spouse and close relatives without having to make decisions regarding your wishes - particularly if these have never been expressed.  Discuss the subject openly and, better yet, include your wishes in written form (called Letter of Instruction).
     Plan ahead concerning other matters as well.  Should the survivor stay where he or she is and live alone?  Would it be better to move in with grown children, another relative, a friend, a retirement community?  Unless this type of question is explored and answered, one has not fully provided for one's survivors.

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