Friday, March 27, 2015


   All of us have had the experience of opening a bill and being staggered by the amount.  This is often because what we THOUGHT we were paying has been considerably augmented by "hidden costs," -- taxes service charges, surcharges, interest charges, ect.
   The great majority of funeral directors adhere to a professional code of ethics which includes provisions for seeing that this doesn't happen.  In order to eliminate those hidden costs, you will find that these funeral directors are explicit about the costs of goods and services.  In addition, once the family decides on the kind of service desired, the funeral director should provide a written document for the family to review and approve.
   This should include a description of the service and price.  Any supplemental charges for merchandise or service should be listed.  It should also make mention of any sums which the funeral director will advance on behold of the family, e.g. newspaper notices, death certificates, flowers or any other charges incurred outside the funeral home.

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