Monday, November 12, 2012


Funeral directors are not clergymen, and most are not psychologists, although they may have had some training in psychology. However, the great majority are competent to act as counselors to people during a critical time in their lives.

All of us have problems and most problems are treated by laymen (spouses, friends, neighbors) in informal settings.  The funeral director's role as a counselor is extremely important.  He has certain advantages over specialists in performing some counseling functions; he is at a disadvantage in attempting to perform others.

The funeral director has become a counselor because of circumstances.  Some funeral directors feel uncomfortable in the role and would prefer to avoid it.  Others accept it as part of their function and even find they have a gift for it.  The process is really one of self-selection.  The funeral director who seems to welcome issues of grief is probably equipped to deal with them.

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